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Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements

We have nutritional supplements in our clinic from the DiVinci Laboratories of Vermont line which offers over 100 different quality supplements to choose from.

Vitamin B12

Supports nerve health by maintaining the fatty sheaths that cover and protect nerve endings

Has been shown to enhance sleep patterns, allowing for more restful and refreshing sleep

B12 is needed for the formation of red blood cells to help support capillary blood flow


DHEA is an important adrenal hormone that supports healthy aging. DHEA levels decline with age and adrenal stress.

DHEA supports immune system and thyroid function, as well as memory and energy function.


Calcium is necessary for most bodily functions, and it is estimated that 80% of all American Women are calcium deficient.

Calcium is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contraction, blood clotting, reducing cholesterol, enhancing the immune system, maintaining strong bones and teeth and proper sleep. 


A supplement to support proper liver and gallbladder function. Turmeric, a flavoring spice rich in Curcumin, has liver protective, detoxifying, and free radical scavenging properties. Turmerics active ingredient, Curcumin, has been shown to support the liver and gallbladder function, and help to manage blood cholesterol within normal ranges.

Mega Probiotic

Is designed to sooth the digestive tract lining and provide ingredients that support proper immune function and microbial balance

Mega Probiotic supports: bowel defense, digestion, regularity, lactose intolerance, and immune system

Spectra Women

The only women’s high potency full spectrum multiple vitamin mineral supplement to contain 56 nutrients including those most important for today’s woman such as calcium, iron, beta-carotene, biotin, gamma linolenic acid from evening primrose oil, octacosanol, grape seed extract and vegetarian digestive enzymes. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for maintaining normal calcium metabolism. 

Vitamin D supports: b one health, calcium balance, cardiovascular function, healthy cell growth, and immune system modulation. 


Supplement for cardiovascular and antioxidant support. Causes enhanced energy production, strengthens immunity and increases circulation.


The HCG weight loss program has helped hundreds lose the weight and keep it off! Our HCG weight loss program is safe, natural , and effective with no known side effects. A number of studies and scientific articles have been published on using this ingredient in weight loss programs over the past 60 years. In conjunction with a specific diet, HCG safely speeds up weight loss. HCG has transformed our weight loss practice and created hundreds of satisfied, thinner patients!

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